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Boilers with digital electronic control unit have a full set of functions aimed at ensuring a high level of energy savings.

In this class of electric boilers there is a possibility of significant energy savings in the mode of daily and Sunday programming depending on the room temperature and weather-dependent control (depending on the air temperature outside) according to the equipotential curves that characterize the thermal insulation properties of the room.

Rated power 6.0 kW; 9.0 kW; 12.0 kW; 15.0 kW;
Built-in expansion tank of 7 liters, sensors of the minimum and maximum pressure, the manometer, a branch pipe for filling of the heat carrier, the air drain valve;

The digital electronic control unit provides:

  • Possibility of connection of system GVP and “Warm floor”;
  • Summer mode (protection against sticking of the pump);
  • Winter mode (frost protection system);
  • Step power regulator (3 stages) with the possibility of its optimization depending on the temperature of the coolant and heat transfer system;
  • Adjusting the value of hysteresis;
  • Work from the external thermostat and the sensor of room temperature with ensuring the running of the pump;
  • Weekly and daily programming mode (24 intervals, 7 programs) with a choice of temperature “comfort” and “economy”;
  • Mode of weather-dependent control according to equipotential curves (10 curves), with the connection of the sensor of temperature of outside air and a possibility of a shift of an equipotential curve;
  • Indication of the current state of the system;
  • Restart the system in case of power failure;
  • Locking buttons from erroneous pressing (child lock);
  • Service mode with diagnostics and indication of the main malfunctions;


– from a break and lack of grounding;

– from exceeding the temperature of the coolant;

– from reducing the pressure in the system;

A graphic LCD with a large screen, the optimal number of control buttons, and a structured menu provides ease and convenience of boiler control.