Industrial fan heaters

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The cylindrical shape of the casing and the special design of the heating elements along with a high-performance fan provide a concentrated directed flow of warm air with an increased range of the jet, which allows to achieve a higher temperature of the exhaust air.

Strong metal case with high-quality polymer coating, heating elements made of stainless steel, provide high corrosion resistance and make it possible to use units in the conditions of construction sites, warehouses. The heat-reflecting screen made of galvanized steel allows to reduce heat loss due to inefficient heating of the case and increase the heat transfer of the units.

Rated power from 3.0 kW to 24.0 kW;
Two stages of power control;
Overheat protection;
Built-in thermostat, which allows you to maintain indoor air temperature from + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C;
Ability to work in fan mode;
In the units of AO EVO 15.0 / 1.0 TP, AO EVO 18.0 / 1.1 TP, AO EVO 24.0 / 1.3 TP, an emergency limiter with manual reset is installed that provides protection against emergency and fire hazard situations;
Units with a power of 3.0 kW have a power cord;
The design of the support frame of the units of AO EVO 3.0 / 0.3 TP (M) provides the ability to change the angle of inclination of the housing relative to the horizontal;
Modern design, frameless design of AO EVO 3.0 / 0.3 TP (E), the use of fans with low noise levels allow the unit to be used in office premises;
They are equipped with a wall-mounted outlet (except for units of AO EVO 3.0 / 0.3 TP, AO EVO 3.0 / 0.3 TP (M), AO EVO 3.0 / 0.3 TP (E), AO EVO 12, 0 / 0.8 TP, AO EVO15.0 / 1.0 TP, AO EVO 18.0 / 1.1 TP, AO EVO 24.0 / 1.3 TP);
Degree of protection of a cover – IP 22;
The use of high quality components from European manufacturers;
Warranty period of operation 3,5 years;
An extensive network of service centers.