Electric convector series EURO CLASSIC ЭВНА-2,0/230Н(мбш)


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Electric convectors are made 340 mm high, equipped with a closed heating element, an electromechanical bimetallic thermostat for setting and maintaining the desired room temperature, protection against overheating, and have the function of protecting the room from freezing (maintenance room temperature within + 5 … 7 ° C, which does not allow freezing of the room with minimal energy consumption).

Rated voltage of a power supply network: 230 W.

Scope of delivery: electric convector, brackets for wall installation, instruction manual, packaging.

Electric convectors comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations for Low Voltage Equipment and the Technical Regulations for Electromagnetic Compatibility of equipment, have the necessary certificates of conformity.

Weight in the package 6,7 кг
Вага (без упаковки) 5,9 кг
Розмір в упаковці (ШхВхГ) 1095х370х100
Розмір без упаковки (ШхВхГ) 1035х345х115
Supply voltage 230 В
Power 2 кВт
Спосіб установки Встановлення на стіну
The degree of protection of the shell IP 24
Class of protection against damage el. current 2 клас
Type of heating element ТЕН з алюмінієвим оребрінням
Number of heating stages 2
Thermostat type Електромеханічний капілярний
Guarantee 5 років