Industrial fan heater BGP1606-03 3000W

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The BGP1606-03 fan heater creates a rapid directional flow of warm air over a long distance, thanks to the cylindrical body. Feature of this fan heater with RTS-heating element is the presence of the effect of self-regulation – with increasing room temperature, the power of the fan heater decreases, which eliminates excessive power consumption. It is intended for heating and ventilation of household, office, office and other rooms. Approximate heating area 30 sq.m.

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 22 × 28 cm
Air performance 200 м3/год
Power 3 кВт
Heating element РТС
Supply voltage 230 В
Number of heating stages 2
The degree of protection of the shell IP20
Guarantee 12 місяців
Connection Мережевий шнур з вилкою
Class of protection against damage el. current 1 клас