Fan heater “Termia” AO EVO 2.0/0.2 (230V)


Article number: 091114020


The unit air-heating “THERMIA” of JSC EVO 2,0 / 0,2 (230B) is applied to heating of production shops, trade pavilions, warehouses, offices, workshops, garages, hangars and various rooms and constructions which are not equipped with system of constant heating. Thanks to the rectangular case the scattered stream of air is created that allows to warm up quickly and effectively the necessary area. Approximate heating area 20 sq.m. Connection with the mains cord and plug included. Units with a capacity of 2.0 kW have a power cord.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 41 × 26.5 cm
Power 2 кВт
Heating element ТЕН
Air performance 200 м3/год
Connection Мережевий шнур з вилкою
Supply voltage 230 В
Number of heating stages 2
The degree of protection of the shell IP22
Guarantee 3,5 роки