Industrial fan heater “Термія” АО ЭВО 4,5/0,4 ТП (230V)(3x400V)K


Article number: 101134045

The cylindrical shape of the casing and the special design of the heating elements along with a high-performance fan provide a concentrated directed flow of warm air with an increased range of the jet, which allows to achieve a higher temperature of the exhaust air. The strong metal case with a high-quality polymer coating, heating elements made of stainless steel, provide high corrosion resistance and make it possible to use units in the conditions of construction sites, warehouses. The heat-reflecting screen made of galvanized steel allows to reduce heat loss due to inefficient heating of the case and increase the heat transfer of the units.

Weight in the package 9,2 кг
Вага (без упаковки) 8,2 кг
Розмір в упаковці (ШхВхГ) 465х285х425
Розмір без упаковки (ШхВхГ) 449х272х396
Power 4,5 кВт
Heating element ТЕН
Air performance 400 м3/год
Connection Без шнурів живлення (внутрішня колодка для підключення до мережі живлення)
Supply voltage
Number of heating stages 2
The degree of protection of the shell IP22
Guarantee 3,5 роки