Electric stoves ЕПТ1-1,0/230М2(с) with a double-ended spiral narrow heating element, white


Article number: 134111010

Features of electric stoves of the EPT type(s):

• Type of burner: burners with a 2-end tubular heating element in a spiral configuration with a shell made of heat-resistant stainless steel.

• The ability to fix the tubular heating element during transportation and operation.

• Burner tray made of highly reflective material.

• Fast exit of a heating element to the maximum working temperature.

• Not critical to the flatness of the bottom of the applied dishes

• Possibility of raising the heating element when cleaning the burner pan.

• The minimum weight makes this type of electric stove indispensable for mobile use (traveling, in the country, etc.)

• Light indication of the on state of the heating element

• Stepless power regulator

• The case is made of quality steel coated with powder enamel.

• The main colors of the tile body: white or brown

Weight in the package 1,4 кг
Вага (без упаковки) 1,2 кг
Розмір в упаковці (ШхВхГ) 280х100х320
Розмір без упаковки (ШхВхГ) 265х90х285
Power 1 кВт
Type of heating element Трубчастий вузький ТЕН
Number of burners 1
Діаметр конфорок, мм 180мм
Rated mains voltage, V / frequency Hz 230В/50Гц
Class of protection against damage el. current 1 клас
Producing country Україна
Guarantee 24 місяці