The electric convector of the OPTIMA+ series the Econom EVNA series – 1,5/230 C2M (ci)


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Electric convectors are made 450 mm high, equipped with a Zig-Zag (needle) heating element, an electromechanical bimetallic thermostat for setting and maintaining the desired room temperature, a step regulator of power consumption (or without it), protection against overheating, and have the function of protecting the room from freezing (maintenance room temperature within + 5 … 7 ° C, which does not allow freezing of the room with minimal energy consumption).

Electroconvectors with the letter (c) in the designation have a step power regulator, which allows you to select the required operating mode – 1/2 rated power or full power.

Rated voltage of a power supply network: 230 Century.

Class II (double insulation) protection against electric shock are supplied. Devices of protection class II do not require grounding.

Weight 4.3 kg
Dimensions 65.6 × 45 × 12 cm
Power 1,5 кВт
Type of heating element Zig-Zag (голчастий)
Supply voltage 230 В
Class of protection against damage el. current 2 клас
Number of heating stages 2
Thermostat type Біметалічний
The degree of protection of the shell IP20
Guarantee 5 років