Electric convector series OPTIMA CLASSIC EVNA – 2.0/230 C2M (mb)


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The new improved design of the OPTIMA series electric convectors varies with a variety of functions and configurations.

When used as the main sources of heating, they are mounted on the wall using brackets. In cases of use for additional heating, devices can be installed on passive or active supports.

The use of high-precision temperature control and temperature control devices (thermostating) of the room, the use of materials with high heat dissipation made it possible to eliminate unproductive heat losses with the Termia electric convectors and achieve the best in its class values ​​of heat consumption of 50-60 W / m2 (subject to standard room thermal insulation). Electric convectors are equipped with a thermostat, which has a special Anti Frost operating mode, which allows maintaining the room temperature for a long time at a level of +5 – +7 ° С, which prevents its freezing.

The absence of moving parts in the device (design), the thought-out housing design and the special design of the heaters made it possible to completely exclude noise during the operation of the devices. The relatively low temperature of the front panel in its class of products, the absence of sharp angles on the device’s case, exclude possible injury during operation of the device. Fire safety of electric convectors is guaranteed by built-in overheat protection with automatic restart.

A more accurate choice of the rated power of electric convectors should be made taking into account the actual heat loss of a particular room.

Weight in the package 6,2 кг
Вага (без упаковки) 5,2 кг
Розмір в упаковці (ШхВхГ) 845х475х105
Розмір без упаковки (ШхВхГ) 805х460х115
Supply voltage 230 В
Power 2 кВт
Спосіб установки Встановлення на стіну
The degree of protection of the shell IP 24
Class of protection against damage el. current 2 клас
Type of heating element ТЕН з алюмінієвим оребрінням
Number of heating stages 2
Thermostat type Електромеханічний капілярний
Guarantee 5 років