JB-3215 electric stove black


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The stove is equipped with a cast iron burner in a metal case. The thickness of the hob / burner allows a fairly good heat storage and for some time to maintain the temperature after switching off. The flat shape of the surface provides better contact with the dishes and greater heat transfer. The simplicity of the design makes it very easy and simple to clean the burner.

The strengths of cast iron burners are simplicity, reliability and durability.

• Type of burner: Cast iron pancake

• Maximum area of ​​the contact surface of the heater working surface in contact with the bottom

• Easy to clean

• High thermal inertness

• Light indication of the on state of the heating element

• The case is made of quality steel coated with powder enamel

• Primary colors of the tile body: white or black

• Upgraded thermostat

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 27 × 9.3 cm
Power 1,5 кВт
Type of heating element Чавунний ТЕН
Number of burners 1
Rated mains voltage, V / frequency Hz 230В/50Гц
Class of protection against damage el. current 1 клас
Country of registration of the brand Китай
Guarantee 12 місяців