Electric infrared heater Thermia QH01 floor type


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An infrared heater is a heater that transfers heat to the environment through infrared radiation. Radiant energy is absorbed by the surrounding surfaces of objects, turning into thermal energy, heats objects, which in turn give off heat to air. Those. not air, but infrared rays are used as a heat supplier.

This gives a significant economic effect compared to convection heating, where the heat is significantly spent on heating unused sub-ceiling space. In addition, with the help of infrared heaters there is the possibility of local heating of only those areas in the room in which it is necessary without heating the entire volume of the room; the thermal effect of infrared heaters is felt immediately after switching on, which avoids pre-heating of the entire room. These factors reduce energy costs.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 15 × 27.5 cm
Power 1,2 кВт
Type of heating element Кварцова трубка
Type of accommodation Підлоговий
Rated mains voltage, V / frequency Hz 230В/50Гц
Class of protection against damage el. current 2 клас
Producing country Україна