Radiator copper-aluminum with side connection РБ 50/120


Radiators for heating “Thermia” belong to the modern class of heating appliances, designed for use in central and individual heating systems of buildings and structures with forced circulation of the coolant.

A distinctive feature of radiators for heating “Thermia” is the intensive heating of the room, due to a specially designed design of the devices. The high efficiency of radiators is due to the fact that heat is transferred to the environment through natural convection (90% of the heat flux) and radiation (10% of the heat flux). Due to the unusually small volume of the coolant, radiators for heating have a high degree of efficiency, an efficient heat transfer system from the coolant to the air saves up to 20% of energy and provides precise and dynamic temperature control in the room. The use of a special form of heat-removing aluminum lamellas made it possible to minimize heat loss on heating surfaces located behind the radiator.

Weight 8.6 kg
Dimensions 120 × 9 × 50 cm
Nominal heat flux (70 ° C), W. 2120
Volume of the heat carrier, dm3 1,87
Heat exchanger material Мідь; алюміній
Heater type Для рідинних систем опалення
Length, cm 120
Connection type Бічне
Center distance, cm 41