Teploceramic Heater ТСМ-RA 550 (color – white)


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The economical infrared panel TCM-RA 550 is a new embodiment of the TCM 450 heater, which is popular with customers. According to numerous requests from customers, we installed a heating thermostat on the TCM 450 electric heater, thereby automating the control of the panel and increasing its power to 550 watts. Keeping the size of the heater 450×900 mm, we have increased the area of infrared heating of the room to 11 m2.

Functions of the built-in temperature controller for environmental electrical panels TCM-RA 550:

• adjust the temperature of the electrical panel. The internal temperature sensor allows you to set the heating limit of the heater from 40 C to 95 C and turn it off when the set degrees are reached;

• adjust the room temperature (from 5 C to 35 C) using the Teploceramic heater. An external air sensor detects the current room temperature, compares it with the set temperature on the controller, and turns off the infrared panel when the set temperature is reached. You can buy heating panels with a 5% discount when ordering from 5 pieces.

Advantages of the economical Teploceramic infrared heater with a regulator:

• Safe heater. Suitable for kindergartens, schools, and children’s rooms. It is not afraid of power outages and power surges.

• Smart wall heater. Control of switching on and off by the temperature of the ceramic panel and by the air temperature.

• Economical electric heater. Infrared heating is an economical type of space heating. Electric heaters are manufactured in Kyiv. You can buy heating panels both in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, and throughout Ukraine with free Delivery.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 45 × 1.7 × 90 cm
Power 550 Вт
Heating area 11 м2
The degree of protection of the shell IP 54
Guarantee 5 років
Supply voltage 220 В
Producing country Україна